About Us

TOTAL 101 is a brand driven by social and environmental sustainability, without compromising on style or quality.  Is that possible?  We think so.....

 How we started - 

TOTAL 101 is a premium sustainable activewear brand ethically made from regenerated or natural materials.  Overwhelmed at the amount of beige activewear products around, we wanted to create a more sustainable activewear product that didn't compromise on style, that offered bold, vibrant designs, colours and prints for women who want to stand out and feel good.  TOTAL 101 is a small self funded start-up with big aspirations - TOTAL, because we want to be the one place you must get all your activewear from and 101 (no we aren't beginners!) - its where it all started - an idea born in lockdown, from my apartment - 101 

Our Products - 

Our performance fabrics are made from sustainable techno-fabric, made using a 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post industrial waste, such as discarded fishing nets


Our Tees & Sweats are made from Organic cotton, as it is grown without the use of pesticides or fertilisers.  

Our fabrics and factories are all part of the Global Organic Textile standard, as well as being Sedex®, approved, ensuring ethical and fair working standards across the supply chain


Packaging & Labels

Our Cardboard Swing tags are all FSC® certified, our care labels are recycled polyester and all our garment and postal bags are recycled and biodegradable ...we have used the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way to brand and send you our amazing products


TOTAL 101 is sustainable activewear at its best!  Bold, stylish, inclusive designs for everyone, whilst being consciously ethical and sustainable, so you can shop knowing you are helping make a difference to our planet


*From Jan 2023 - we pledge to donate 5% of all profits, to a chosen charity to give back, as we believe we can always do a little more to make the world a better place.  Our current chosen charity is Mind.org - a mental health charity who provide incredible support for those most vulnerable